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Kyle's greatest hits - Its People Like You [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit

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Kyle's greatest hits [Nov. 16th, 2005|06:45 pm]
The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit


[music |Three 6 mafia]

paul merrel where do i start jennifer got you first
but you fake ass nigga i tell you my shits gunna be worse

you smell like a cows asshole i tell you that
the only pussy you get is just that.... a cat

You one legged piece of shit i hope you die
if i could get away with belive me son i would stab you in the eye

ben ben go back home nobody wants you here im sure
ben ben youre a diease buddy let me tell you im the cure

you think you can rap you think you can flow
i think i speak for everyone when i say NO you bitch ass hoe!

ben you lurking ass hoe
i just murdered your ass im my flow

move on down the line
look its its paul frohawk oh my

paul quit skating right now
you look like a gorillia but how?

your burly beard no one likes it
bringing your dad to a fight ha you aint shit

ill beat your ass over here ill beat your as over there
ill beat you over there head with a GOD DAMN CHAIR

bitch come on fucking mom (helen) aint cool
i dont see how you can show your fucking face in school

iain hall where do i begin
for one thing your fat and your face looks like sin

come on man your down with the clown
im going to burry you son 6 feet down

iain iain your nothing but a maggot
go ahead paint your face you big dumb faggot

ryan ballsacklius is his name
being a dumb piece of shit is his game

no ryan no ryan i dont smoke
your whole fucking life is a joke

youre fucking crazy this is true
dont worry boy your life is almost through

fuck all you guys
your gay