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The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit

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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2005|02:51 pm]
The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit

[mood |cheerfultoday has been a good day so f]
[music |Dead man in Reno]

Im about to head to the park to see what thoes wacky park kids are up to ill report the new episode tonight
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Kyle's greatest hits [Nov. 16th, 2005|06:45 pm]
The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit

[music |Three 6 mafia]

paul merrel where do i start jennifer got you first
but you fake ass nigga i tell you my shits gunna be worse

you smell like a cows asshole i tell you that
the only pussy you get is just that.... a cat

You one legged piece of shit i hope you die
if i could get away with belive me son i would stab you in the eye

ben ben go back home nobody wants you here im sure
ben ben youre a diease buddy let me tell you im the cure

you think you can rap you think you can flow
i think i speak for everyone when i say NO you bitch ass hoe!

ben you lurking ass hoe
i just murdered your ass im my flow

move on down the line
look its its paul frohawk oh my

paul quit skating right now
you look like a gorillia but how?

your burly beard no one likes it
bringing your dad to a fight ha you aint shit

ill beat your ass over here ill beat your as over there
ill beat you over there head with a GOD DAMN CHAIR

bitch come on fucking mom (helen) aint cool
i dont see how you can show your fucking face in school

iain hall where do i begin
for one thing your fat and your face looks like sin

come on man your down with the clown
im going to burry you son 6 feet down

iain iain your nothing but a maggot
go ahead paint your face you big dumb faggot

ryan ballsacklius is his name
being a dumb piece of shit is his game

no ryan no ryan i dont smoke
your whole fucking life is a joke

youre fucking crazy this is true
dont worry boy your life is almost through

fuck all you guys
your gay
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(no subject) [Nov. 16th, 2005|02:04 pm]
The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit

[mood |crazyi feel like slapping some one]
[music |AC/DC rock and roll aint noise pollution]

if he dosent slap him i will just for the hell of it maybe hell try to fight me and that will be fun yay JARED=LURKER.....PARK+JARED+ME=SLAP
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6:55 PM [Nov. 16th, 2005|01:07 am]
The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit


Alright today, Paul Merrill And Shawn said they were gonna slap Jared because they gave him (Jared) a hit of their blunt in exchange for Vodka. I encouraged Jared to beat Shawn`s ass and have Paul arrested for assault on a minor since hes 18. I never saw Jared get slapped and I`m pretty sure it never happened. It may happen tommorow.




Stay Tuned For The Misadventures Of Those Wacky And Gay Park Kids!

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Promise [Nov. 16th, 2005|12:27 am]
The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit

[mood |accomplished]
[music |Kyle Rusmisel " Greatest Hits "]

Alright first of all lets name the faces of The Park Kids:


Paul Merrill : 18 Years Old. Black. One-legged. Hits On 14-Year Olds. Picks On Little Kids. Sophmore (note hes 18), Plays Wheel-Chair Basketball, Loves Linkin Park, Quotes Dave Chappelle A Lot, Secretly Likes ICP.

Shawn (8-MILE): 14 Years Old. Looks Like A Rat. Dresses Like A Wigger, I Think Hes Freshman, Takes Drug Classes, He Is The Other White Version Of Paul Merrill But With Less Talent

George Patterson: 20 Years Old, Short And Ugly, Cross Dresses, Buys Meaningless Useless Novelty Items And Shows Them Off To Everyone, Lives In The Overlook Apartments On Valley, Listens To Loud 80`s Pop Music, Momma`s Boy, Is Very Awkward, Hangs Out With Young Girls

Ryan Cornelious (Ryan Ballsaclious): 16 Years Old, Crazy Long Blond Hair, Sorta Fat, Heavily Medicated, Retarded, Smokes Two Joints A Day Provided By His Mother, Has About 3 Bikes Stolen Every Couple Months, Sorta Like The Beast In Beauty And The Beast Except Hes Retarded And Has Nothing To Offer Anyone, Except Joints

White-Chocolate: Faggot

Ben (Lurk McGurk): 23 Years Old, Short And Stubby, Dangerous Amount Of Lurking, From New Orleans But Moved When His House Did Whatever It Did, Horribly Delusional Rapper, Listens To Techno Music, Flirts With Young Girls, Russian Jew, Probably A Stalker

Robert Kyzer: 19 Years Old, Skinny, Lifeguard, Attends UAB, Drives A Van On Sundays, Probably Masturbates A Lot

Mary Britt Kyzer: 15 Years Old, Looks Like Her Brother, Slut

Paul Frohock: 16 Years Old, Fat And Ugly, Skateboards Kinda, Dates Young Girls, Fucks Moms, Looks Like A Gorilla, Can`t Fight, Has A Uni-brow, Gets Beaten Up By 8th Graders, Potential Rapist?

Jared (Peaches): 13 Years Old, Small And Goofy Looking, Is Always Having Nic-Fits, Poor, From Out Of State, Pretty Much The New Kid Who Gets Ragged On Non-stop By The Other Park Kids, Beat Up Paul Frohock, Miserable Life, Will Probably Commit Suicide Before 2006


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I Want A Lot Of Hate Mail [Nov. 15th, 2005|11:55 pm]
The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit

[mood |accomplished]
[music |Adam And Andrew " Emo Kids "]

So If You Think I`m Bad Or A Mean Person For This Send Me Some Hate Mail At gnarballs@hotmail.com
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