Its People Like You

That Ruin The World

The Homewood Park Kids Are Pieces Of Shit
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This Community Is For The Gay Ass Park Kids Who Come To The Park For No Reason But To Sit There And Be Annoying Motherfuckers.

Honestly There Is Nothing To This Community I Just Thought There Should Be A Hate Group For Them.

Rules / Tips

1) First of all and most importantly NO LURKERS. If you lurk or have been known to lurk even if the word lurk is in your name dont bother joining

2) There will be no defending of the listed " gay park kids ". This could result in your name making its way onto the list.

3) Paul Merrill has one leg. We will make fun of this as much as possible.

4) Jared is a pussy, who trys to goddamn much. I`d give him 6 months before he goes fucking crazy and murders everyone and this community values.

5) Ben is the biggest of all the lurks. He will be refered to as Sir Lurkalot, King Lurk The 1st, or Lurk McGurk.

6) Sean looks like Eminem. This is not a good thing. Take advantage of it.

7) Paul Frohock = Potential Rapist. Ladies stay away from this guy.
Men be aware also.

8) George this guy is probably the saddest piece of shit I`ve ever seen. He cross- dresses for one. He collects little peice of shit novelty items that me and all of my fellow lurker hating friends enjoy stealing and destroying. Hahahaha! George you piece of shit
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